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Mis à jour : 24 avr. 2020

You have a truth living inside of you that needs to come out.

You might not know what it is right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there. It doesn't have be an earth-shattering truth. Your truth could be that you don't want to feel ashamed of your period any longer, so you choose to raise your voice and let others know periods aren't shameful. Your truth could be that you are tired of being catcalled, whistled at, and objectified, so you vow to stand in solidarity with every girl who feels the same way. Your truth could be that you are the first in your family to attend University, and you want other girls to know they are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to. Your truth is yours and only you have the power to share it.

I know it sounds scary - sharing your truth with the world. But one of the bravest girls to ever live, Malala, said this: when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. Now is the time for you to be that voice.

This is where you will share your written work, everything from poetry, raps, essays, stories, and even your 1am journal entries.

So, go on! The world is changing. Now is the time to share your truth, not apologize for who you are, and know that your voice is the most powerful weapon you have. I hope you choose to use it.

Cheering you on always,

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